One of the most important days of your life!
For you as a bride, there is nothing more important than getting the hairstyle and make-up you want and that you can trust it to last all day. We offer you a free consultation where we review your wishes and expectations.


On your big day, I would like you to come without makeup on and with completely dry hair. Wash it preferably the day before and make sure it is completely dry before you go to bed. 

To get the best results on the make-up, I recommend that you take a little bit extra care of your skin the days before. Give the skin alot of moisture and I recommend avoid any sun on the face as it dries out the skin and the makeup cracks easily and looks dry and flaky. Of course, it's entirely up to you. We know that it is difficult to avoid the sun when you are on holiday.

We always escort the bride to the taxi if desired. Most people choose to change at the salon or at church. Some prefer to go back to the hotel.

Due to the hot climate, we suggest that you buy a tank top or a t-shirt to wear under the shirt of your future husband to avoid sweat rings.


Depending on hair texture and requests we sometimes use hair extensions to help lift the hair do to achieve best result.

We recommend that you include as much information as possible such as hair decorations, photos of the dress and pictures of different hairstyles that you like. Feel free to bring hair extensions and hair decorations such as pearls, rhinestones, tiaras or veil. We also have hair extensions for rent and a small selection of hair decorations for sale if desired.

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